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Planning Applications

The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. It is probably the area of the Council's role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance.

These are the recent planning applications that have been or are scheduled to be discussed:

Oakington and Westwick Planning Applications
Date received Planning Reference Address
22/01/2015 S/0038/15* Hatton's Road, Longstanton - attenuation ponds
02/02/2015 S/0218/15* Northstowe Phase 1
01/04/2015 S/0761/15* Land south of Longstanton Park and Ride
14/04/2015 S/0677/15* Land south of Kettles Close, Oakington
22/01/2016 S/3090/15* Baptist Chapel, High Street, Oakington
15/06/2016 S/1416/16* Northstowe Phase 1 Building parcel H1
18/06/2016 S/2537/12* Oakington Tomato Farm (amendment)
15/09/2016 S/1954/16* Recreation Ground, Oakington
02/11/2016 S/2876/16* Rampton Road, Cottenham
05/01/2017 S/3054/16* 11 Mead View, Oakington
19/01/2017 S/0123/17* 9 Station Road, Oakington
22/01/2017 S/2011/14* Northstowe Phase 2 Decision
23/01/2017 S/0139/17* 2 High Street, Oakington
08/03/2017 S/0504/17* 91 Water Lane, Oakington
28/03/2017 S/1041/17* 17 Orchard Way, Oakington
05/04/2017 S/0952/17* 57A Water Lane, Oakington
18/04/2017 S/1170/17* 8 The Drift, Oakington
17/05/2017 S/1597/17* Fare Acres Farm, Dry Drayton Road, Oakington
23/05/2017 S/1820/17* 77 Cambridge Road, Oakington
25/05/2017 S/1620/17* Northstowe Phase 1 Building parcel H11
02/06/2017 S/1676/17* 9 Cambridge Road, Oakington
20/06/2017 S/2069/17* 101 Longstanton Road, Oakington
20/06/2017 S/1553/17* Cherry Trees, Cambridge Road, Oakington
25/07/2017 S/2545/17* 2 Mead View, Oakington
05/10/2017 S/2597/17* Sports Pavilion, Oakington
17/10/2017 S/3278/17* 3 Lowbury Crescent, Oakington
18/10/2017 S/3459/17* Northstowe Phase 2 Ordnance
27/10/2017 S/3739/17* 15 Mead View, Oakington
01/11/2017 S/3866/17* 13 Station Road, Oakington
10/11/2017 S/3977/17* 21 Manor Farm Close, Oakington
23/11/2017 S/3901/17* Cherry Trees, Cambridge Road, Oakington
06/12/2017 S/4240/17* 1 Station Cottages, Station Road, Oakington
13/12/2017 S/4408/17* 15 Cherry Orchard, Oakington
20/12/2017 S/4428/17* Northstowe Southern Access Road DC
10/01/2018 S/0045/18* Northstowe Site, Rampton Road, Longstanton
16/01/2018 S/0152/18* Oakington Garden Centre, Dry Drayton Road
06/02/2018 S/0481/18* Northstowe Phase 2 Drainage Strategy

To see the details of one of these applications you can click on the reference number to open the application in most cases, or note the Planning Reference from the table above or copy it to the clipboard then Click here to go to the Local Council Planning Portal and enter or paste the reference number into the Planning Reference field and then click on Search further down the page.

Tree Applications

Both Oakington and Westwick have Conservation Areas defined - see here for details of the Oakington area and here for Westwick.  If significant work is to be done on a tree in a conservation area a Tree Application has to be made to the District Council.  Follow this link for information about Tree Applications.  Here is a list of recent Tree Applications in the Parish:

Date Received Address Link to application
18/11/2016 1 Church View, Oakington Click here
30/11/2016 Oakington School, Water Lane Click here
20/12/2016 71 High Street, Oakington Click here
24/01/2017 Waverley, High Street, Oakington Click here
16/02/2017 Stocks Green, Oakington Click here
14/03/2017 49 High Street, Oakington Click here
28/03/2017 St Andrew's Church, Oakington Click here
31/03/2017 51 High Street, Oakington Click here
02/05/2017 71 High Street, Oakington Click here
05/09/2017 47 Station Road, Oakington Click here
05/09/2017 57 Station Road, Oakington Click here
21/09/2017 Waverley, High Street, Oakikngton Click here
22/09/2017 51 High Street, Oakington Click here
27/11/2017 25 High Street, Oakington Click here

Attending Planning Discussions

If you would like to be present at the discussion of a planning application, this is likely to take place at the first or second Parish Council meeting after the application is published here.  Look out for agendas of imminent meetings on this website or posted on Parish Council notice boards around the area to see when the discussion is due to take place.  Members of the public have the opportunity to make a short comment or ask a short question near the start of all meetings.

Other Applications

It is also possible to view all standard Planning applications for the Parish:

Click here to go to the Local Council Planning Portal and select the Parish name from the list to show the applications.