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Public Notices

From time to time the Parish Council is asked by various local organisations to publish notices. Those that are may be of interest to residents will be displayed here.

March 10 2018: SPEP Newsletter.  The latest newsletter from the Sustainable Parishes Energy Partnership is available here.

August 22 2016: Special Constables.  The Cambridgeshire Police are looking to take on a number of Special Constables.  For details on what is involved and how to apply see here.

May 21 2016: Electoral Review of South Cambridgeshire. The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out an electoral review of South Cambridgeshire District Council. This has proposed that Oakington and Westwick should be moved into a new ward called "Longstanton" that will also cover Northstowe, until maybe that reaches a sufficient size to justify a separate ward.  There is a consultation on this move open until 25 July 2016.  For further information and details of how to comment on the proposal see a summary here and a fuller document with map here.  The Parish Council would also be very interested to hear your views, through our "Contact Us" page.

September 30 2015: Future District and Parish Council Elections.  It has been decided that in future all South Cambridgeshire District Council and Parish Council Elections will take place on the same date, in order to reduce costs.  The first such combined Election date will be in May 2018.  However, any District Councillor elected in 2012 will have to stand for election again in 2016 but will then serve only two years, and councillors elected in 2015 will serve only 3 years, etc.

March 19 2015: Community Oil Buying Scheme.  Cambridgeshire ACRE operate a community oil buying scheme in this area.  For details please read this article.

February 21 2015: The Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme.  The Bobby Scheme works with a number of partner agencies, including the Police, Local Authority and other charities. The Bobbies fit door chains, window alarms and other security devices to make people feel safer in their own homes and also provide security advice and reassurance.  For more information and contact detail see here.

January 18 2015: Cold weather alert and Action Plan.  The County Council has passed on an alert about a spell of cold weather and the impact this can have on the elderly and other vulnerable people.  See the Press Release here, and to look at the extensive Action Plan see here.

January 9 2015: Community Lifeline and Visiting Support Services.  The South Cambridgeshire District Council offers a number of services to help the aging and infirm to stay safely in their own homes.  For further information please click here.