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   Giant Hogweed    9 June, 2016

A number of Giant Hogweed plants have been discovered growing in the village.  This is a highly dangerous plant, a form of cow parsley which is very distinguishable by its height (up to 3 metres).  Contact with it can cause severe long term skin problems, and in the worst cases, blindness.

It is a Public Health Hazard, and it is an offence to allow it to propagate into the wild in the UK.

If you come across one in your own garden you are strongly encouraged to remove it, which should be done with great care and wearing suitable skin and face protection.  All parts of it should be burnt or similarly destroyed, you should NOT put in into your Green Bin.  It comes under the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994.

If you need help removing one, or wish to report one growing visibly on adjacent land, please contact either the Parish or District Council, who will be able to advise.

For further information see here or here.

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