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   Northstowe Archaeology    8 October, 2015

The Archaeological investigation of Northstowe Phase 1 is complete.  There were many interesting discoveries spreading over many historical periods, and many very interesting finds.  A summary leaflet about the finds can be seen here.  The Archaeologists now have a program to clean, conserve and evaluate the finds, which will lead eventually to a full report. 

As with the finds from the Oakington Archaeological digs over the last few years these finds will eventually be returned to the local communities, who will have to make arrangements to store, and hopefully display, these.

There are signs that there is a lot more history buried in what will be Northstowe Phases 2 and 3, and it will be fascinating to see what is found as the work moves closer to Oakington, and to what extent this ties up with the known history of our village.


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