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   Repairs and Maintenance to Highways or Footpaths    12 February, 2015

The County Council Highways Department handles repairs and maintenance to the majority of the Highways and Footpaths in the Parish.  They publish a maintenance schedule for footpath maintenance which is copied to the Parish Council.  They will also fix faults on our Highways and Footpaths subject to a minimum threshold level of damage.

Some recent pieces of repair work include resurfacing in Queens Way, patches to a number of the worst potholes and cutting back the verges along Water Lane and Station Road.

Any member of the public can report a fault on the Highways or Footpaths within the parish to the County Council Highways department (though they can only deal with problems on paths that they maintain, usually those alongside roadways).

To report a problem, or to see whether it has already been reported, please visit the website www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/highwayfaults and follow the instructions.

There is information on how the process works here if you need further help.

You will be given a fault report number which you need to remember or write down so that you can track progress with the fault. The Parish Council welcomes a copy of such reports, which we may then be able to chase with the Local Highways Officers.  We meet these officers from time to time and can encourage them to fix faults that may be particularly dangerous for residents.  They do though have only a limited budget which has to be distributed round all the parishes in the County, so non-emergency repairs are unfortunately often not immediate.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can also report problems by phone to the County Council Contact Centre on 0345 045 5212.

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