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   Real time bus information    2 November, 2014

There are now two bus stops in Oakington that have the Real Time Information Display (RTID) boards that show when the nearest buses are actually due as well as the next few timetabled departures.  These are at the Crossroads, and at the Water Lane / High Street junction, both for Cambridge-bound buses.  The number of stops with such information may well be extended in the future.

Many of the bus stops in the City and other surrounding towns and villages also now display this information.  Shown are the route number, destination and departure time.  If the display board shows a number of minutes, such as "6 mins", or "Due", this is a live bus time.  If it just shows a time like "14:27" this is a timetabled bus that is not yet near, this should change to the predicted real wait time as the bus gets nearer.

It is also possible to download an App called "My Bus Trip" for either an Iphone or Android smartphone that can show you bus times, and when the next few buses are due to arrive at any chosen bus stop, or time information for a particular bus along a particular route.   You can also do this from any Internet connected PC by visiting the site http://www.cambridgeshirebus.info.  Both Stagecoach and Whippet buses are covered by this service.

The predictions are generally reliable, but occasionally the equipment on a particular bus that provides position information may not function correctly, and the bus does not show in the real-time system.  You then need to rely on the timetabled information instead.

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