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   Update on flooding responses    1 November, 2014

This item includes the latest updates from the Environment Agency and others about the August flooding.  It contains information provided by the various organisations and agencies involved in water drainage management in our area.  It summarises information relating to the flood itself and the background to what part each of those involved plays in managing our drainage.

It is a little lacking yet in descriptions of what actual responses will be made to prevent or mitigate future events of this type, but it is hoped that these actions will be published and occur in the near future.

November 2014: The EA have issued some updated information about flood alerts, questionnaires and flood planning ideas which can be found here.

September 2014: The initial EA report can be found here, and an updated list of useful contacts which can be used to contact those involved is here.  The contact list will be made more widely available as part of the Parish Council's Emergency Plan, which should be available soon.

If you live alongside one of the rivers or ditches, you may have responsibilities in relation to that, please check this Riparian Owner Factsheet.

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