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   BT Infinity coverage extended    14 September, 2014

BT CabinetBT have recently extended their High Speed Internet offering (BT Infinity) further across the village as part of the Connecting Cambridgeshire program and most residents in Oakington and Westwick who could not previously obtain BT Infinity should now be able to get it if wanted, either as an upgrade or a new Broadband service.

It gives a speed increase of about 13 times your previous broadband speed depending on where you live, at some fairly small increase in cost.  If you investigate the Broadband upgrade options at http://www.bt.com you will be advised what the range of speeds you would be likely to receive would be.

Those with Internet providers other than BT may also now have an improved service available, please contact your own Internet Service Provider to see what they can now offer you.

Residents towards the western end of Oakington have had this faster service available for a couple of years now.

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