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   Acoustic Damping for Oakington Pavilion    1 June, 2014

Oakington and Westwick Pavilion provides an excellent facility for a number of uses including sports (Short Mat Bowls, Table Tennis and Badminton). It is also used for meetings and lectures and local clubs including Cubs and Scouts.  A number of local people also hire the hall for personal functions and there is an active keep fit program.

As the Pavilion was designed for village activities it offers a great benefit with its up to date Rooms and Kitchens.

One of the main problems with halls of this nature however is the effect of sound vibrations and echoes. It is easily proven by clapping in the centre of the room or trying to listen to a speech, when the sound becomes distorted and difficult to hear or understand.

The solution to this is the installation of acoustic sound damping which reduces vibration and absorbs the un-required part of the sound signal thus reducing vibrations and reflections.  A simple explanation is the limiting of reflection and absorbing unnecessary sound by using Acoustic Absorption Material (sound deadening).  This effectively traps the sound.

During the last week of May the Pavilion was provided with an Acoustic damping facility comprising of a number of special panels fitted to the upper walls and ceiling.  The colour chosen was Crystal which matches closely the doors and provides a pleasing effect. The benefit of the damping is immediately obvious.

If one stands in the entrance hall and talks, or claps, many echoes reflect round the area. If you do the same thing in the main hall it is now quiet .

The benefit of this will allow the Pavilion to be used for a number of new facilities whilst improving those already in use.


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