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   Street Lights work    17 March, 2014

It appears that the Street Lights work in Oakington and Westwick is finally drawing to a close, although there are a number of locations where work is clearly still needed.  Some people like the new lights and some do not, hopefully we will all get used to them in time.  It has taken rather longer than the “two to four weeks” promised on the original letter we received from Balfour Beatty around August last year though.

The County Council’s original aims were to replace the old posts, which were generally in poor condition and becoming dangerous, with modern lighting that should last for a generation.  To obtain Government funding, the number of lights had to be reduced by a specified factor, but other legislation meant that main roads were mostly exempt with the entire reduction having to fall on side roads.  Another target was to reduce light pollution at night while maintaining acceptable light levels in the streets with higher posts and improved lanterns. They have clearly achieved these aims in some measure.

If you have not already done so, please consider filling in the feedback survey card that came along with this letter, if you do not still have this the survey can be completed online at http://www.lightingcambridgeshire.com/contact-us/feedback.htm.  Do please take the opportunity to make your feelings, positive or negative, known to them.

If there are problems with a particular street light (and quite a few do seem to be not working already) you can report the failure to the County Council maintenance services at 0800 7838 247, or online at http://www.lightingcambridgeshire.com/contact-us/report-fault.htm.  Each lamp post now has an individual identification number on a label on the post, usually of the form L1ABC.  They will also ask for the street location.

You will notice there are still a number of concrete posts or orange lamps around the village.  In some cases (Days Meadow) these are fairly new streets where the posts are already at a modern standard. The lamps will possibly be changed to white as and when failures occur.  In other cases (The Broadway, Queens Way, footpaths) the lighting is controlled by South Cambridgeshire District Council rather than the County Council and has not formed part of this upgrade project.  We do not know if or when these will be replaced, but we believe there are no current plans for this.

Mike Oakley (Parish Councillor)

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