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   Public consultations on possible Rural Bus Hub    22 May, 2018

Three dates have been set for members of the public to find out more about a possible Rural Bus Hub in the village, and to give their feedback on this.  The dates are:

29 May, 4pm - 7pm at Oakington Pavilion, Queens Way

21 June, 1pm - 4pm at Crossways Communitea Cafe, Longstanton Road

30 June, 12pm - 5pm at Oakington Village Day on the Recreation Ground.

For further details please see here.

Background: at the Annual Parish Meeting there was a presentation by the Greater Cambridge Partnership on their design for a possible Rural Bus Hub sited by the Guided Busway in Oakington.  The presentation showing the possible layout of this hub is shown here.  There are potential benefits for the village in having such a hub, but also some possible disadvantages, and it is still very much under discussion and there will be further opportunities for residents to have their say before any decisions are made.

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