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   Public consultations on possible Rural Travel Hub    10 July, 2018

Plans for a Pilot Rural Travel Hub in Oakington

Rural Travel Hubs are bespoke rural transport interchanges to connect residents in South Cambridgeshire with public transport and cycling/walking routes. They aim to reduce the levels of private car journeys into Cambridge from the surrounding villages by providing sustainable transport options and also provide connections between neighbouring villages and towns.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is putting forward draft proposals for pilot Rural Travel Hubs in Oakington and Sawston after a recent feasibility study. They have been engaging with the community this summer to find out their needs and to gather feedback on the initial ideas, including attending a number of local events and hosting an exhibition specifically on the project at the Pavilion.

The initial feasibility study discussed a possible hub in Oakington near Station Road and adjacent to the Guided Busway route. Potential facilities of an Oakington Rural Travel Hub could include:

·         Drop-off/pick-up facility

·         41 car parking spaces, including 3 disabled bays

·         More secure cycle parking, including cycle lockers

·         Bus turn around/stop, including a shelter and raised kerbs

·         Widening of the footpath between Oakington village and the Busway

The benefits to the village could include extending the Citi 6 bus route to link up with the Busway, encouraging motorists to change to sustainable transport option and less congestion by reducing the number of motorists who park on-street.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership thank residents for their views and will use the feedback to develop detailed plans. They aim to go out to a public consultation with detailed designs later in the year.

More information on the project is available online: www.greatercambridge.org.uk/rural-travel-hubs/

and there is a survey  https://www.greatercambridge.org.uk/transport/transport-projects/rural-travel-hubs/ where you can give your views.

Background: at the Annual Parish Meeting there was a presentation by the Greater Cambridge Partnership on their design for a possible Rural Bus Hub sited by the Guided Busway in Oakington.  The presentation showing the possible layout of this hub is shown here.  Since then there have been a number of presentations in the village, and various opportunities for villagers to discuss this with GCP staff.  There are potential benefits for the village in having such a hub, but also some possible disadvantages, and it is still very much under discussion and there will be further opportunities for residents to have their say before any decisions are made.

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