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   Longstanton Road closure    13 March, 2018

Longstanton Road is already closed to most categories of traffic.  Driving a private car or van across the airfield to access Oakington or Longstanton is against the law.

The District Council have published the details for the complete closure of Longstanton Road for the restricted categories of vehicles currently allowed to use it.  The complete closure forms part of the plans for the construction of Northstowe.  The full closure plan can be seen here, with the key information in a letter here.  The full closure plan contains details of the exact points of closure and the surrounding signage. 

In brief though, the road will be closed to all traffic (as a temporary closure) from May 2018 to March 2019, at which time the closure will become permanent.  This allows for the building of the Access Road from May 2018.  The road will then be open for use by cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.  There will be a Pegasus Crossing to allow these three categories safe passage across the new road into Northstowe.

As with all planning matters, a public consultation will take place shortly on the details of the permanent Longstanton Road closure to follow in March 2019. 

The Parish Council supports the full closure of the road.

Updates on this project will appear on this website as available.

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