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   A14/B1050 bridge closure in April    21 March, 2018

The  B1050/A14 bridge will be closed from 3rd April for 7 days.

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   Longstanton Road closure    13 March, 2018

The District Council have published the details for the complete closure of Longstanton Road for the restricted categories of vehicles currently allowed to use it.

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   A14 upgrade bulletin    25 February, 2018

The latest A14 upgrade bulletin is now available.

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   February Fun Afternoon Saturday 24 February    20 February, 2018

Oakington & Westwick Neighbours are running  a Free Family Fun Afternoon at the Pavilion on Saturday 24 February.

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   Non emergency crime reporting    9 February, 2018

There is a new option for reporting non emergency crime to Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

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   Parish Council Elections 3 May 2018    9 February, 2018

Parish Council elections will take place on 3 May 2018.

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   Parish Council Budget 2018/19    9 January, 2018

The Parish Council set its 2018/19 budget at a meeting held on 8 January.

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