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The Parish Council provides a facility for circulation of emails from residents in the parish to other residents who have signed up to receive these.  There are rules for what types of message can be sent and with what frequency.  The Clerk to the Parish Council operates the scheme and will monitor requests to ensure they comply with these rules.

If you would like to sign up to receive such messages please read the Terms and Conditions below, and then sign up here**.

Messages must be short, informative, and non-commercial.  They should be of possible interest to a significant number of local residents. The originator should normally be a resident in the Parish.  If you want recipients to be able to contact you for further information, please include a name, phone number etc.  Please keep the text to a single line if possible.

To compose and request the sending of such a message please click here**.

Terms and Conditions:

**Please note that if your web browser does not support the “mailto” function these links will not work.  In that case just send an email with whatever email system you do have requesting either:

  1. You would like to join the village list (with your name and address).
  2. You would like to send a message to the village list (with the message to be sent).

These should be sent to the Clerk to the Parish Council at oakingtonpc@btinternet.com.

If you have any further questions about this please contact the Clerk.

Contact Details:
Laura Lawrence