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This section includes useful information provided by local groups and individuals.  The information is provided on an as seen basis, and although it is believed generally useful, the content is not ratified by nor maintained by the Parish Council.

The following document relating to the August 2014 floods and what people can do to prepare for any future flooding (an earlier version was published as a pull-out section in the January 2015 Journal):

Help and advice on flooding

The following documents were produced by Geoffrey Butlin and the Community Plan Team and reflect the results of the 2014 Village Survey as printed in the July 2014 Journal.  For more information and what happens next about the Community Plan see Page 3 of that Journal in the Newsletters section on this website.

Community Plan Chart 1.
Community Plan Chart 2.
Community Plan Chart 3.
Community Plan Chart 4.
Community Plan Chart 5.
Community Plan Chart 6.
Community Plan Chart 7.
Community Plan Chart 8.

The following three documents were produced by Geoffrey Butlin and the Community Plan Team, and published in the Journal in late 2013.  These contain lots of local information of general use to our community.

Journal Insert 1: Transport News.
Journal Insert 2: Housing and Environment.
Journal Insert 3: Community.

The maps following were also produced by the Community Plan Team and published in the Journal in association with the above documents.  These are provided for personal, non-commercial use only, for full terms and conditions visit the PAF licensing centre.

Journal Insert Map 1: Transport.
Journal Insert Map 2a: Housing.
Journal Insert Map 2b: Environment.
Journal Insert Map 3: Community.


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